The automated marketing and sales system
for partner and customer acquisition for sales organizations!
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  • More SUCCESS
The optimal solution
for your business!
5 easy steps
to your own AUTOPILOT system for your team.
You can order the system immediately. For the basic installation we charge 1.000 € net as a one-time setup. The monthly fee for the running costs of support, updates, maintenance and data center is 250 € net.
The system is active within 24 hours of receipt of payment and has standard landing pages, follow-up e-mails, and advertising mail texts. You only need to customize your landing page and the FollowUp email texts, set your own videos.
As soon as the system has been adapted, you can make it available to your sales partners. It can be used immediately by anyone and does not require any additional configuration.
Your sales partners receive the AUTOPILOT system for the first 7 days with all functions free of charge for testing. The training center (academy) can continue to be used even without an extension by the sales partner, which is subject to a fee. The use of the complete system including the landing pages by the sales partners will be charged separately.
As a system operator, you receive a share of all license fees paid by your sales partners. The participation is set up via our payment provider and automatically billed via it. This allows you to refinance the setup fee and other costs.
I still have questions and want a call back...
Don't leave anything to chance. Determine your turnover yourself with our automated system.
Our turnkey "All in One" system with automatic sales funnel, automated webinars, tag-based follow-up mailing and much more is an effective tool that enables your sales partners to achieve better and faster sales. Interested parties are guided step by step through the funnel and turned into customers or partners.
The AUTOPILOT system is characterized above all by its simplicity and flexibility. As the leader, you determine the clear guidelines and simply make landing pages, follow-ups and everything else available to your entire team. The system can be used immediately by your team partners and no longer needs to be additionally configured.
As a portal operator, you are also an administrator and can, if required, manage and exchange most of the content on the site independently of us. You can edit your landing pages or funnels yourself. We are also happy to help you on request.
Unique highlights
Only here - nowhere else!
LIVE-Webinar Software
with personal Ref. link
At the end of your live webinar you will not have to say "...and if you want to register now, please contact your host who will send you his ref. link...".

LIVE webinars without a personal ref. link are now a thing of the past!
With our special "LIVE-Webinar" software solution, the interested party or webinar visitor is shown a purchase button with a personalized ref. link from his host. The interested party can use it to buy directly or register for your business.

As an ADMIN or webinar speaker, you can show or hide the participant list, the chat, a feedback field or a button for purchase and personalized registration.
Further functions and modules
The AUTOPILOT system for your team
Video funnels
Intelligentes (Tag)
E-Mail Marketing
System and modules
in over 15 languages
Video presentations
Team building
SMS, WhatsApp
telegram News
Display of
advertising portals
Support & help
Our AUTOPILOT system is suitable for everyone who wants to use a professional tool.
Without own expenditure and immediately ready for use.
I still have questions and wants to call you back...
  • Landingpage with and without video
  • Landingpage for Webinars & Events
  • Personal Ref. link
  • Immediately ready for use
  • CallBack function for prospects
  • Training center for sales partners
Backoffice with contact management
  • Management and processing of contacts
  • Activity history of prospects
  • Contact filtering & sorting
  • ToDo List overview
Email Marketing
  • FollowUp Mails in multiple languages
  • Tag-based FollowUp Mailing
  • Advertising mail examples
  • E-Mail FollowUp after user action
Notification feature
  • Sales Partner Notification
  • Notification of user action
  • E-Mail, SMS, WhatsApp notifications
Tracking & Analysis
  • Tracking codes for landing pages
  • campaign management
  • Campaign tracking evaluation & analysis
  • Track- & Tagging-System
  • Team Campaign Rotator
Social Media OneClick Posting
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
Michaela S.
AUTOPILOT system is a real blessing for me. It takes so many things from me. Once set up and I have top Internet sites, my mailings are largely automated, all so-called "leads" are pre-informed and I only talk to serious interested parties. This leads to more success and more leisure time again.
Volker T.
I got along with the autopilot system right away. The most brilliant thing for me is the great integration of the appointment management with calendar, resubmission etc., because especially the time management is very important for my phone calls and customer appointments. For me the system is like my own secretary, it does a lot of work for me and saves a lot of time.
Daniel M.
Everything in one place and from one source, most annoying routines perfectly automated. And best of all, I can measure all my advertising campaigns and know exactly where to get the best visitors. I'm still somewhere between beginner and amateur, but this tool is a great help for anyone, even experienced online marketers, to increase their sales quickly.
privacy & data security
Guarantees best security and best technologies
All data transmitted for data processing or collected by the landing pages, in particular the data stored on the web server, as well as all information, business transactions and documents related to the AUTOPILOT system are treated strictly confidential.

We guarantee the observance of confidentiality, data protection and data security. Data such as e-mail addresses or telephone numbers of your prospective customers or sales partners will not be used for any other purpose and will never be passed on to third parties.

The data storage takes place on the basis of the guidelines of the EU data protection basic regulation.
Provide your sales partners with a professional marketing & sales system with an AUTOPILOT system.
The TURBO for the growth of your customers and partners!


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